Kirkstall Community Garden coming soon!

Kirkstall Community Garden is non-profit organisation & provides local people the opportunity to enjoy nature, share info & learn new things by allowing people the chance to grow there own fruit, vegetables and herbs within a safe and fun environment what all the ages will enjoy.

We stride to promote social engagement, healthy lifestyle for all members of the community.

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KCG News
  • Local Kirkstall events

    Here at Kirkstall community garden we are rather looking forward to hitting the local events around Kirkstall to promote the fantastic opportunity of a community garden and the idea of growing your own food within any space you can while offering free herbs, plants and recycling ideas. 

  • Merry Monk Pub

    We are happy to announce that we have started of a edible beds around local Kirkstall Merry Monk Pub, through out the summer the team and volunteers will be creating a great opportunity for people to grow fresh, healthy fruit, herbs and vegetables. 
    Interested in joining us on this great opportunity or can offer us support in donations or other wise please feel free to
    contact us.

KCG Snaps!
Big Thanks to the Lloyds volunteers for all there hard work at The Merry Monk Pub & 
 for helping us provide free growing space for the kirkstall community